Protect your clients by protecting their data, improving their efficiency and securing both mobile and desktop users.

Scope of Work

  • Lead Generation & Protection
  • Lead Generation & Protection

  • We generate potential leads and also protect yours.

  • Pre-Sales
  • Pre-Sales Support

  • Helping you choose the most suitable product.

  • Post Sales amp; Support
  • Post-Sales Support

  • Consultation, Configuration, Installation & Testing.

  • Training & Product Deployment
  • Training & Product Deployment

  • We deploy the product and also train your staff.

Key Features

Lead generation

By producing high quality leads and follow-up opportunities, we can identify potential new customers and create sales opportunities for our resellers.

Lead protection

We are aware of the efforts our resellers put in generating a new lead for their business, so we help them lock the deal through our lead protection.

Pre-sales Support

We offers pre-sales support of the highest quality by analyzing the requirements of our customers, proposing the best possible option for them and providing initial technical support.


Post-sales Support

We realize that our job is not done once the deal is completed and so our post-sales support staff offers consultation along with installation, configuration and testing of the solution.


We provide training so that your team can be productive, relevant and capable of managing and maintaining the product on their own.

Product deployment

We fully install, integrate and make the product ready for your use. From initial implementation strategy to full solution optimization, we provide the most comprehensive deployment service in Pakistan.



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TRISECT has the largest R&D team to enable partners achieve their goals the proficient way.

Our Skills

Pre-sales Support
Post-sales Support
Lead generation
Lead protection
Training & product deployment

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Trisect Value Added Distribution

Trisect is the leading Value Added Distributor of IT Security across Pakistan. Trisect, a sub-brand of Trillium Information Security Systems has developed its expertise over 10 years of developing and operating in the market as the pioneer of IT security in Pakistan. In doing so, Trisect has invested in its intrinsic strength in infrastructure, technical skills and customized customer service to create a niche for itself in the product distribution space.

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Address  10th Floor, AWT Plaza, 5th the Mall, Rawalpindi - Pakistan Post Code: 46000

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